Saturday 12 December 2020


 There are a number of small independent shops near my brothers that sell all sorts of fruit and vegetables, some that you dont find in the supermarkets, or, if you do they are cleaned, stripped of their leaves and wrapped in plastic.  

Wednesday 9 December 2020


 My neighbour was having some technical issues with her new lap top and printer, by sheer fluke I managed, eventually, to sort the problem.   As a thank you she gave me a little cyclamen plant that just keeps throwing out new flowers.

Friday 4 December 2020

third rosehip painting

 The rosehips have lasted well but are beginning to shrivel up now so this will be the last painting of them.

Monday 30 November 2020

Second painting of the cow parsley and twigs

I rather enjoyed painting the cow parsley so decided to do a second piece.  I used an old fashioned  dipping pen with water colour put on with a paint brush to do the fine lines.  


Tuesday 18 August 2020

cloud studies

 The weather has become changeable with lots of rain clouds blowing in.  This sketch book is just smooth regular bond paper so doesn't take a lot of water too well but it is interesting trying to capture the fast moving clouds.  

Thursday 23 July 2020

latest sketches

Chalkwell Park with Chalk_Collective.

Michelle with her yoga group in the park.

This morning along the front, Cliff Gardens.

Thursday 25 June 2020

a REAL meet up with Chalk_Collective!

It was so nice to meet up in reality rather than virtually.  The evening was pleasant after a hot day in a busy Chalkwell Park .  The added bonus being that Michelle was giving a yoga class, so we were able to do some very quick sketches as people went through their sun salutations.  I do hope that the weather will continue to be dry so that we can meet up again outside.  The first sketch is from our virtual meeting last week.


Thursday 21 May 2020

Evenings with Chalk_Collective

Our weekly meet ups via skype have been great and an incentive to sketch.   I tried to capture the incoming tide last night but any sketches of the sea I do seem to be a failure.  Really frustrating!  Last week I also watched "Life drawing live" on BBC4.  Once I had worked out how to work the red button and freeze on to the model some of the poses were gone and although I cracked working the red button the model was just a bit too far away for me to see well.  All the poses were based on famous art works, I enjoyed the programme, just wished that the camera had been a little nearer the model.

 this was two separate poses captured on the one page of my sketch book, the poses were often very quick which between finding the red button to focus on the model and get myself ready meant it was all a bit rushed.