Monday 29 June 2015

Trying to get back into the rhythm of things.....

I am finding it hard to settle, must get back to sketching and painting again.  On Saturday I went to the church in Plaza Candelaria, they have finished the outside and are now painting the inside and it is looking splendid, even though some of the figures/saints are missing... Fernandos Corazon de Jesus, which was a shock.. presumably they are doing restoration work on them.  Today was lazy and just sketched on the terrace.

Encuentro difícil ubicarme de nuevo, así que tengo que empezar a dibujar y pintar.  El Sábado fui a la iglesia en la Plaza Candelaria, han terminado afuera pero siguen pintando el interior y esta quedado bello pero estaba sorprendida que algunos de los figuras/santos no están, incluyendo el Corazón de Jesus, el favorito de Fernando.   Supongo que están haciendo restauración.  Hoy flojera!  Me quede en la terraza a trabajar.

Thursday 18 June 2015

....and eating in China!

Nesburgs, Mothers Taste, picnics up the hill at the "sky bar" and in Lushun and a cafe in Kaifaqu.
The braised backbone of pork is probably the tastiest dish I have ever eaten.  The beaming, big eyed waitress dancing attendance on Cos made it all the more entertaining!!!!

China, China and more China!

Sketches done during my few months in China.  Often done fast because it was either cold, windy or we were on the move!  These were all done at Golden Pebble Beach Resort, Jinshitan.
Bosquejos hechos durantes mis pocos meses en China.  Muchas veces hechas muy rapidos porque o era muy frio, habia mucho viento o andabamos!

Wednesday 17 June 2015


Some sketches done around school once the weather got better!   I bought the sketch book locally and the paper was awful, acted like blotting paper!

Algunos bosquejos hechos alrededor del colegio cuando se mejoro el clima.   Compre el libro en una tienda local, el papel chupaba la acuarela, horible!