Sunday 26 February 2017

The Barbican with Urban Sketchers London 25.2.17

My first trip out with the London group of Urban Sketchers.  It was cold and grey and I am not used to having to think about layers of clothing, hats, gloves etc.  Fortunately the centre has lots of inside spaces with great views so Paul and I were able to stay warm for most of the day.
Paul is a local artist who I met through the facebook urban sketchers page and we have gone out sketching locally together on a number of occasions.  The turn out was impressive, about 70 people but the opportunities for exchanging ideas or chatting were few.
The Barbican is fabulous, brutalist architecture opened in 1982, well used with people making the most of the inside and outside spaces.  Wish I could win the lottery as I would love to have a flat there!!
The lovely church is St Giles of Cripplegate with St Pauls in the distance.

Mi primer salida con el grupo de Urban Sketchers Londres.  El día era gris y frió y no estoy acostumbrada de pensar en capas de ropa, guantes etc.  Afortunadamente el centro tiene muchos espacios internos así que pudimos aprovechar de dibujar adentro.
Fui con un amigo que conocí por la pagina de Facebook, un artista local,  hemos ido a la calle a dibujar en varios ocasiones.  Habia como 70 personas pero las oportunidades de intercambiar fue poco.
El Centro Barbican es fabuloso, de arquitectura brutalista, inaugurada en 1982, la gente aprovecha de sus espacios tanto adentro como afuera, ojala que pudo ganar la loteria, quisiera tener un apartamento alli!